Flaherty's Family Farm
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2018 CSA Program at Flaherty's Farm

What is a CSA?

A community supported agriculture program or "CSA" consists of a community of individuals who pledge to support a local farm operation. This allows for early season capital for the farmer, and CSA's are a great way for the community to ensure viable and sustanable farms while enjoying fresh, healthy and safe food.

How does a CSA at Flaherty's Farm work?

Flaherty's Family Farm offers a unique CSA program whereby customers prepay for our farm products and receive a discount for their support. Throughout the growing season, participants shop at the farm store and greenhouse on a self select basis. This means that our custumers make their own choices of products we sell and grow including flowers, seedings, vegetables, fruits, chicken, free range eggs, syrup, honey, and much more!

Please call or email Cindy or the retail store for more information on our CSA program